Occupy Resources

Occupy Resources

Connecting to the Larger Occupy Movement:

  • occupytogether.org – A clearinghouse for Occupy resources and information. Find a local Occupy here!
  • howtooccupy.org – An amazing resource for setting up occupations and keeping them real
  • interoccupy.org – The hub of communications between occupations of the Occupy movement. They currently host weekly conference calls that connect specific working groups to each other across occupations.
  • occupydesign.org – Building a Visual Language for the 99%

Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience:

  • “Why satyagraha is critical to OWS”
  • The ACLU’s Know Your Rights page for anyone encountering law enforcement, essential for anyone planning to engage in civil disobedience.

Consensus, Direct Democracy, and Facilitation:

  • Veteran peace and eco-activist Starhawk’s guide to consensus, posted on her blog especially for the Occupy movement.