Fundraising & Donations

Fundraising & Donations

Under the sub-menus you will be able to few our latest fundraising items that you will be able to pre order, fundraising events, and anything that the fundraising committee think is necessary to post here. Pages for O.S.R. buttons, t-shirts, and beanies are going to be up very soon with pictures and you will be able to pre-order such items through a mailing list sign up. Note that each item will have a minimal price and each person who wants to pay more than that minimal price is more than welcome to. Here’s our O.S.R.’s Wish List:

It’s easy to gift money to Occupy Santa Rosa!
All online monetary gifts can be securely sent through

Occupy Santa Rosa WISHLIST:

Please note: Occupy Santa Rosa is in transition, and our Wish List will be updated as soon as our Occupy 2.0 plan is consented to in GA! In the meantime, in-person monetary donations can be delivered to the Sonoma County Peace & Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Ave, SR.

Food Not Bombs is still preparing delicious vegan-friendly meals for OSR’s General Assembly and events. If you would like to help them out, please read their guidelines at

You can also deliver prepared food to City Hall during General Assembly, but it needs to leave with you when you go!

Our Wish List is divided into 2 general categories – Survive (things we need now to keep the occupiers safe, healthy and effective) and Thrive (things to help the movement flourish and grow). Please do what you can, when you can. If you have any other creative ideas, please bring them to City Hall!


• hand warmers: the 10-hour type (Walgrens carries $1/pair)
• instant cold packs
• “Purell Premium Sanitizing Wipes 120 Count” (120 wipes in a box)
• alcohol gel hand sanitizer in pump bottles
• sunscreen and boxes of “Coretex SunX SPF30 Sunscreen Towelettes”


• PEOPLE of all shapes, colors, ages, & sizes, dressed in all types of clothes. Join us!
• coloring books, crayons, bubbles & other kid-friendly items (no sidewalk chalk, please)
• Nurses, physicians, and people trained in first aid
• translators – especially Spanish & ASL
• trained & experienced consensus facilitators
• contact with & mentoring from older, experienced activists – please tell us your stories!
• books & DVDs on economic issues, political & community organizing, consensus process, & anything else you feel is relevant
• small computer speakers
• bright white cardboard/posterboard for sign-making
• giant/fat permanent markers, like the Sharpie 44001 Magnum Black Ink Marker
• pens
• plain tee shirts
• fabric markers & paints
• graphic design assistance
• silkscreened tee-shirts with Occupy Santa Rosa graphics
• massage!
• yoga teachers
• musical/theatrical entertainment & inspiration (drummers, guitarists, singers, clowns!)
• someone who can learn to play Ry Cooder’s “No Banker Was Left Behind”!

Thanks for your support!