Move Your Money

Move Your Money

Move Your Money day was a big success! Occupy Santa Rosa supporters peacefully picketed all the major big banks downtown and supported customers who decided to withdraw their money. Bank of America and Wells Fargo actually shut down operations for the day. Already 650,000 Americans had moved their money into local banks and credit unions between the start of Occupy Wall Street and Move Your Money Day (read more about this here). And here in our hometown, November 5 was a “banner day for local credit unions,” according to the Press-Democrat.

Today we stood up against the banks that gambled with our money, crashed our economy, and made us pay the price. Today we said ENOUGH!

Read the initial Press-Democrat coverage here: “Occupy protesters picket big banks downtown”

Invest in Main Street, not Wall Street!

If you have not moved your money yet, see and our list of local banks and credit unions, below.

The Video that Says it All

Watch filmmaker Eugene Jarecky’s excellent short video: MOVE YOUR MONEY (3 minutes)

Local Banks/Credit Unions

  • Luther Burbank Savings Bank
  • Circle Bank
  • Summit State Bank
  • Community First Credit Union
  • Redwood Credit Union
  • Exchange Bank
  • Sonoma Federal Credit Union
  • Sonoma County Grange Credit Union
  • First Community Bank

Move Your Money News

  • “New Bottom Line” Announces National Divestment Campaign